Meet the Doctor

Dr. Sheri

Dr. Sheri Hernandez

Dr. Sheri is a 1994 graduate of Palmer West Chiropractic University and brings to her position a high level of excellence and enthusiasm for the practice of chiropractic.

In Addition to receiving her Doctorate degree at Palmer West, Dr. Sheri has post graduate studies in children with autism, pregnancy, nutrition, personal Injury and sports rehabilitation. Dr. Sheri has studied and is proficient in the use of several different chiropractic techniques including diversified, cox flexion distraction, Thompson drop and activator. In addition to human patients she is proficient in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation and plans to further her animal Chiropractic education for large and small animals.

A California native, Dr. Sheri holds licenses in both California and Colorado. She is relocating, after 20 years in the Denver area, to Sterling and is looking forward to a change of pace in a smaller town. She plans to continue to pursue some of her favorite activities such as cycling and water sports in the surrounding lakes. Dr. Sheri has a 24 year old son, Christopher, who resides in San Marcos Texas and a 21 year old son, Lars, who is a United States Navy diver stationed in Japan.

She is looking forward to meeting the patients and serving the Sterling Community as well as the surrounding communities of Holly Chiropractic and continuing the quality Care given by Doctor Sheila Decker.

Dr. Sheri believes in the body's ability to heal and looks forward to administering lifelong chiropractic care. Dr. Sheri is accepting patients ranging in age from infants to seniors.